Nokia E 65 series support

features of e 65 provided complete mobile-phone enterprise such as Wi Fi, and office applications including: word, excel, and power point. In addition to expedite the work for the office, the phone is already provided strength 2 MP camera. Unfortunately not accompanied by a second camera for video call running applications. Video call can only be run, but the opponent can not talk face we see on the screen cell phone.

Design model adopted sliding . Series family of enterprise as E this series will feature laden office. also consider the design and raw materials for this series E65. Special as on the back of the back cover, Nokia covered with similar materials such as leather, but elastic material. Rough surface that is not intentionally installed slippery.

has been provided with top-class display quality. Stock color depth up to 16 million, with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels looks very sharp and clear. In the screen had also provided the setting for the display messages that enter the following as identity number. At least when busy, we can ignore the incoming messages that are considered as less important.

Keypad & KEY
One thing special in this series is was add button keypad, or specifically for the conference call. There is the other new key own key. This function is the key to go to one of the applications quickly. With a note you have to set it up first in the settings menu. When the phone has not been sliding, in the face there are seven buttons with multiple functions. One of the keys for the conference call. Well, when the phone been slide the visible range is the main key in the normal phone, in general, the numeric keys and alphabet.

User interface
Views across the face of this series 60 UI series. Groups of 60 series this is very familiar for mobile-phone nokia most. So make use your regular phone-nokia mobile phone, especially with the incoming group of 60 series, will not be difficult to operate all the features in this series. Exit menu entry from one menu to another menu that is very easy and feel more familiar. Switching between the menu is running smoothly and requires time in seconds, less than 2 seconds. Speed switching between the menu will be influenced by the few and the many applications that have in the mobile phone.

Nokia E65 also provided the multimedia features and imaging adequate. Facilities quality 2 mega pixel camera can help us to perpetuate moment-important moment. also provides features video player with 3GP format. With this application you can record moving images. Although the video quality is far recorder when compared with the handycam. But just for fun, we can video player exploration.

Facilities for the virtual world to surf the Internet alias quite complete. There is GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and Wi-Fi We can choose the one that we will use. At least when there are hot spots in like free hot spot harmless we take advantage of the facility. We can easily go out the desired site. Well, if there is no such facilities, provided that there is a signal we can take advantage of GPRS and EDGE provided by the service. Fortunate position when we are in the range of 3G services. The speed will be more when using 3G frequencies.

To eliminate fatigue, we can play music and video. Facilities MP3 player and Real Player (MP4) will bring us to enjoy the songs or just pity to see a video stored on the phone. Format video files that can be played via the phone, among others, 3GPP and Real Media. Unfortunately facilities to the FM radio is not in this gadget.

Device to move the data to another cell phone quite complete. Blue tooth version 1.2 we can use to make wireless transfer of data with a distance of about 100 meters. If any go to move the data does not start blue tooth, we can maximize the function and infrared data cable. For this type of data cable connections and is a model that is used pop port connector.

Internal memory capacity is provided as much as 50 Mb. If it still feels less, especially to save important data eg photos and video captured digital camera, we can maximize the external memory slot available for additional work in the type of Micro SD memory. In the package is usually the manufacturer of mobile phone sales have been to include this type of external memory up to 128 Mb.

Besides SMS, the phone also has provided the ability to send multimedia messages via MMS to its features. Feature to send any email has also been provided. Features of this email can also plugs attachment that contains important data eg photos or video. Email facilities in the E65 series this support POP / IMAP. SMTP, IMAP4, Nokia intelegence Wireless 8.0 email, mail for exchange1.5, visto mobile v 5.5, Rim blackberry connect 2.1 V, and good mobile messaging.

For the battery business, this series powered by 1000 mAh battery strength. With the power of the Nokia E65 can be used to talk non-stop up to 6 hours and 11 hours of standby time. Battery resistance will be different if we use the WCDMA networks that require large enough battery power rather than the GSM lines.

In general, the look and features of this series E65 good enough. When a call and receive calls, voice heard and out quite well. Also, while surfing to the virtual world using GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi Fi and also runs smoothly. Unfortunately for the video communication call, this series is only able to receive pictures speak opponent. The E65 is not equipped with a second camera for video call.

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