BlackBerry service Internet (BIS)

Ever find your BlackBerry signal changes from 'GPRS' to 'gprs' (lowercase)? If you have this, of course, the BlackBerry Internet service   (BIS) can not be used. In other words,your BlackBerry can only make calls, not able to surf fun.
There are several factors that make the BlackBerry we change from GPRS to GPRS (lowercase).
Some of them are: -. Service BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) we have run out. This is if we use pre-paid service. As for post-paid, blocking occurs because it does not make payments when due. -. Network operators that are used in difficulty (error) -.
BlackBerry Handheld Now we're in trouble, to know more clearly the problems that happened we could find out. Perform the following tips:

1. If using a prepaid card, we can examine the active period according to the BIS service with the instructions given by the operator used. Therefore, we will automatically know when we have to do the activation again. If you need to activate
the reminder in your BlackBerry to remind the limit and when the end of our  BIS service. Likewise for post-paid cards, we must remember the due payment of bills each month.
This is to avoid so they do not forget to recharge factor, extending the service or make a payment so that we become the GPRS service BIS again.
2. To know the network operator that we use if it was a mistake or not, we can call friends or relatives who are not far from where we also use the BIS service from the same provider with us.
Is at it again network error or not, or directly contact your local carrier or PIC. Ask info about the network.

If the network is ok, try the following :

First way: -. Click Options -. Advanced Options -. Host
Routing Table -. click the Menu button / BB logo -. Register
Now Both Ways: -. Try to restart the BB (aA + Alt + Del Right)
Third Method: -. Hard reset or unplug the battery for 5-10 minutes -.

How to Replace the batteries last longer Four & It's Simply Powerful:
= Click Options >>Mobile Networks >> Manual Network Selection Mode >> Scan Available Networks >> Select another operator. Let stand for 5-10 minutes >> Then
to the main view, select Manage Connections.

- Turn All Connections >> Let stand 1-5 minutes, then turn on again . Back to Options >> Mobile Network >> Reselect the beginning of the service / home If the above methods has been done and we still gprs BlackBerry (small), try to check and
confirm whether the Sim Card or BlackBerry device we in trouble? Try Do the following:

= Change Sim Card that we use with other cards that one operator or service provider other BIS active without having to enter email settings (to avoid going to the device changed),because we just wanted to see if gprs small. If yes, then
BlackBerry device is problematic.

If you have a Sim Card GPRS means that our problem, If this is a problem, yes live contact your customer service operators are concerned. Meanwhile, to check whether we are in trouble because the BlackBerry device software or hardware. If the cause is because the software,usually the OS (operating system) we are corrupt. Upgrade /
downgrade the OS that is used to ensure that the BlackBerry device does not have a problem with the Pin.
For example your PIN suspend or others. Try to do the following: 1. Go to this
website from your computer: -> http://.blackberry.com

2. Select Create New Account - will then be prompted to enter your PIN and IMEI - Then click next and it will appear as written notification the following: - Your device is not registered with the network - the Blackberry is registered
with another provider - Your account is already registered - Your Account is Suspended Description:
1. If indeed we are in trouble because of a BlackBerry device for the delay, then we get the test , take heed not to repeat the same thing again. If we have / buy a handheld should more carefully and thoroughly before buying (remember these tips before you buy / have a BlackBerry).

2. Meanwhile, if there is no problem with the suspend pin and it turns out the BlackBerry hardware problem we, try to check the physical to the BlackBerry a
reliable repair shop in the nearest place. If you need to seek information from friends in the community where we are encouraged to check BlackBerry / BlackBerry service.


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