Blackberry Tips

Blackberry Tips check your Blackberry Handheld is functioning
normally and smoothly, something does not work on your Blackberry? We are equipped with BlackBerry do diagnostic test to basic function as: keyboard, WiFi, Bluetooth,General Positioning Service . Etc.

How do I test from desktop :

1. Options
2. Status
3. Type " Test "
4. BB- ( BB symbol )
5. Home

Select the category to be tested, then Run.After that will appear "self diagnostic". 'Test Reports' tests / can be seen
in "Device Self Test Application Screen":
1. Select
2. Reports menu
3. See the trick above is required if you buy

the sales of the Blackberry / used to determine the function of the Blackberry we walk normally or there is damage or as a routine check our Blackberry function. Good luck and test the condition of your Blackberry

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