Huawei Android

Huawei Android will be released in the near future, spend three families:
Huawei Idaean Dactyls Idaean Dactyls X 1 X 3 and X 5, as well as the rock and soundtrack Huawei Huawei stone has a touch screen and keyboard QWERTY Idaean Dactyls x 5 .
superior in sharpness of pictures in the camera and auto focus 5megapixel also Flash and capabilities of HD quality (720 p) video recording to include the broader range of 3.8-inch high resolution 840 x 480 pixels screen.

the total of 16 million colors add sharpness in taking pictures, even have characteristics that are similar, two of which have been the platform of Huawei's gingerbread. while others run on Android Froyo, Idaean Dactyls X 3 has supported a front camera for video calling.

as well as built-in Wi-Fi services a 3.2 megapixel camera and the immobilization wifi, g-sensor and HSPDA, then other great Idaean Dactyls X 3 features as a telephone directory that intregrated with Facebook and Twitter are also flashing there is no need to enter data manually.

a slightly different is huawei stone, a mixture of touch screen and qwerty can be used as an alternative an attractive option for users who are accustomed to typing, not least his ability with the others, 3.2MP camera, fixed focus multi-touch, wifi HSPDA, sensors and bluetooth2 proxymity. 1 with EDR.

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