Sony Ericsson new style

Chat and music, it seems like every phone has this feature and not complete if the phone does not have these characteristics,and Sony Ericsson are known as the creator of series Walkman phone again add to the list of series phones.

Thanks to cutting edge product Sony Ericsson Walkman mixture and to
prepare a business chat Sony Ericsson TXT " Pro for Sony Ericsson TXT Pro here chit-chat Mania has spoiled this one feature.

With QWERTY keyboard provides comfort and convenience there is also application chit-chat friends applications that could add 5 friends in contact and can then interact with each other through facebook or Twitter. The interface is almost the same as Sony mini Experia TXT Pro can also be customized with four functions that can be placed on each corner.

sony walkman with the presence of the mixture add the ranks of sony ericsson walkman phone, walkman mixtures that do not have a qwerty keyboard is smaller than pro txt and weight 88 grams,making the mixture lighter walkman, also features tracks en sens my pre-existing, became a hero plus karaoke menu which can reduce the vowel sound in each song, so you can sing in karaoke and zappin like it will show choir in each tracks.

Even without the 3G and HSPDA connectivity, this phone is capable of running in wi-fi feature makes it easy for a professional to be able to txt free chit-chat also browsing.

And a 3.2 mega pixel camera, QVGA video and FM radio walkman Track id in the mix, as well as 100MB of internal memory and external memory capacity of up to 32 gigabytes with, makes you truly pampered in collecting your favorite songs.

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