steve ballmer,steven sinofsky and microsoft future

          After determined since last thursday, finally software company largest ever proudly introduce computer tablet latest that is named surface.
      Tablet new or a personal computer( pc )here will run with a system operation windows 8, version rt and pro.
         Presentation because it is important for the future microsoft. in this talk in town los angeles this ceo steve ballmer and president division for windows steven sinofsky be on stage exhibiting sophistication gadget latest this.
           An accessory for surface most interesting is cover that serves as a cover and a keyboard.
        There are two kinds cover, first,  touch cover wearing technology touch then keyboard this very sensitive when touched. Second, type cover wearing technologies like a keyed instrument whereby any traditional buttons arising me up.
         This device has not fitted price, so no certainty how price. But if compared with price apple ipad, then model basic an estimated $ 500. Microsoft sure tablet this be launched coinciding with the launch operating system windows 8 scheduled to be released october 2012 this.
         This device having the sails hd about 10.6-inci. Having a thickness about 9.3 miilimetre (almost 1 cm ). Weighs 676 grams or just 1.5 pound. Intels microprocessor i5 ( demo model ).
        Available thin behind that this device can stand at mounted on the desk. Tablets is completed, variegated cover that can function as a keyboard ( removable fitted all the time and may ).
       Can be mounted with memory card microsd, and with jointed usb 2.0 and micro hd video.
There are two type, and with capacity 64 hard-drive 32 gb for windows 8 rt ( pl ).
      Tablets this software will run for office ( word, work needs excel, powerpoint ). Tablets is also connected to the internet that facilitate access the web. Tablets is furnished hiburan network e.g. of the service of watching the film gaming netflix queues  and  than xbox live .

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