Erratic weather end

      Erratic weather end - the end of this makes us confused how to prepare for the move. For people who
very susceptible weather greatly affects the productivity and health. So created Weather Bug mobile applications that will help the problem.
   This application has Multi platform that can be encountered in android, IOS as well as
as an extension google chrome. You can download it for free through the android platform on gogle Play www.googleplay.com and also platform IOS on the AppStore.
     But this time we discussed was contained within Weather Bug google chrome extension, following his review.
1. Go to google chrome webstore then locate and install Weather Bug.

2. If so, the application can automatically find the location where you currently in, or a location close to your presence.

3. Wait then the application will read and display the weather forecast as temperature,wind speed and humidity. There are also animated in the window that describes the weather your location.

4. To change the temperature units to Celsius, click the settings button (gear icon).then on the International Temperature select Metric Units. Do not forget click save if it is.

5. You also can see the weather forecast up to 7 days later, click the button with umbrella picture right beside the window. It will show the weather forecast Additional detail complete with nighttime

6. You can add the weather forecast for another city. At the top window click the "+ location", and enter the city name you want to add,click the search button and if it will have a new tab with the name of the town you wish to to know the weather.
Hopefully we can get better prepared to face this uncertain weather

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