How to experiencing totaly dead Android

How to/Solution to overcome Android experiencing existing brick ( totaly dead )? Can also attempted to andromax. before you go to mobile service center you may following tips about how to flashing totaly dead android. Following this way can be used to all types of cellular phone android with os android eclair over it minimize:

 1. Install jre ( java runtime ) here : the java site 

2. Download this tool : one-click unbrick tool 

3. Extract file oneclick.jar' and will produce folder newly named "oneclick"

4. Copied file oneclick.jar to folder "oneclick heimdalloneclick resources heimdallpackage" 

5. Right click on file "oneclickloader.exe" is the folder in oneclick heimdalloneclick resources heimdallpackage' and select "run us administrator" 

 6. Installation wait until completion 

7. Having finished you will see dialogue a window ' one-click unbrick'

 8. connect your android handset through usb and click the button"unsoft existing brick" to recover your android from totaly dead

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