How to unlock Android

             What is a Factory Reset? Factory reset is a way to restore the Mobile/Android tablet to a like fresh new condition,Factory reset usually can solve almost all problems caused by damage of Android software,mean while the factory reset will erase all data and applications are stored in the phone's internal memory Android or your tablet.

        Generally Factory Reset can be done through the menu Settings Factory data reset, But in case your handset do'nt want to start or does not want to go into menu, then to do a factory reset, have to go through recovery mode.
 What is Recovery Mode Android? Recovery mode menu Android Android is a useful for recovery or repair damage of your Android software,On some types of cellphones,software upgrade can also be done directly through the recovery mode.

         Not all tablet/Mobile Android have a recovery mode,However on some Android type, this can be resolved by installing an artificial third party recovery mode,e.g. ClockwordMod or xRecovery recovery,Recovery mode is very useful when experience matters as follows:

        1. when the Mobile Android can not start or just stop at the logo or commonly called the boot loop Android. This can be caused by several things,for example as a result of an application is error or just install applications that are not compatible with the type of phone (in many cases, after installing the font changer).        
        2. when the Android phone can be turned on, but does not want to respond to input from the user, for example the Android screen does not want to be touched or cannot enter the phone menu/tablet.
        3. When you forget your PIN, Password or too much experimenting to draw patterns lock Android phone that causes cannot get into the menu.
       4. damage on other Android software. To do a factory reset via recovery mode can be done with the following two easy steps :

A: go to recovery mode to be able to get into recovery mode, you must turn off the Android first mobile, press and hold a number key Android simultaneously (e.g. for a Phicomm press the vol Up and power same time and you will enter into recovery mode.

 B: Do Wipe Data/Factory Reset after it managed to get into recovery mode, all you have to do just choose features Wipe Data/Factory Reset,after All finish restart you phone.

         For more details im refer to do how to perform a factory reset on your Android mobile phone:

1. make sure the batteries are still pretty much (minimum 70%)
2. turn off the mobile phone
3. Press and hold the Volume Up button HOME button and Power button simultaneously for a few seconds,or just press volume up/down and power button only.
 4. After appearing in the recovery menu, use the Volume keys, navigate the cursor until it is on writing,wipe data/Factory reset.
 5. Press the HOME button to start the process Please wait while the process took place
 6. Reboot your phone .

 Plan B 
Hard reset is way less extreme to restore factory settings phone settings. You can't cancel the reset in this way after you hit reset code below. Reset code: * 2767 * 3855 # resets if you do it this way then all your data will be deleted in this way because they are doing a reinstall firmware on your Android.

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