Play Game of Thrones

           Fans of Game of Thrones may not be familiar with this phrase. Game of Thrones is a novel by George r. r. Martin is the first volume of the series of novels A Song of  Ice and Fire. Not long ago an HBO television series adaptation of making novel and highly successful. Is a video game adaptation of Game of Thrones Cyanide can be made following the success of the novel and the TV series? A video game adaptation of Game  of Thrones recounts the journey of two people: Mors Westford, a veteran ranger of the Night's Watch, and it Alester Sarwyck, a red priest R’hllor who returned home after 15 years since his father died.

       You will play two games of this character in thrones. Both this character having stories and how to play different. When play mors you will focus much more to fight and action while Alester more dialogue and politics.

Before starting play you will be displays with customization character. Character customization is divided into several parts,First you would choose class your character. In a sapient manner affecting class this
fight and skill sets he had.

After which you set status character, equipment, proficiency skill, and the last was strength and weakness. Besides strength and weakness,each of you can boost every rising levels. Each character customization, will get character so you can do very different styles fight for mors and alester. Besides
alester mors and having special skill sets. Mors can control Fire while alester can control a dog

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